As a German company, founded nearly a century ago, BLANCO are among the world’s leading manufacturers of kitchen taps, sinks, and integrated waste and organisation systems.

Did you know that we spend more than half of our time in the kitchen using the sink, tap and waste area? It’s where we fill our glasses, prepare food, rinse dishes, get rid of food waste, store cleaning products and separate the recycling. So it‘s important to ensure that things happen quickly and efficiently here. Having everything you need within easy reach and working together smoothly is key.

Which is why BLANCO focuses on improving how you can use this space. Adding intelligent features, introducing new designs and innovative materials to make kitchen life easier, every day. With the BLANCO UNIT it all flows naturally. Sinks, taps and waste management systems are the most commonly used items in the kitchen.

The BLANCO UNIT combines our premium products together, letting you choose the right items to suit your kitchen style and lifestyle. There are different elements you need to consider when putting together your ideal kitchen hub.


With the BLANCO UNIT you can create the perfect place to drink, prep and clean, that fits your style
and your lifestyle. Day-to-day drink making, food preparation and cleaning now take place at a
sophisticated sink area, combining all three tasks to perfection. Vegetables are peeled, washed and
off-cuts disposed of in just a few simple movements. Tea made simple with a boiling water tap, cool drinks created with pure filtered water and life made easier with features including flexible or pull-out sprays. The space under the sink, that no-go-area of chaotic (but important) storage becomes perfectly tailored with an integrated waste, in-cabinet organisation or food waste disposer. All of this with millimetre precision, premium quality and ingenious ideas to make kitchen life easier everyday.

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